Interior Plant Services

Our mission is to provide you with the utmost Quality and Service

Our specialties include:
• Interior Design & Installation
• Weekly Horticultural Maintenance 
• Colorful Flowering Plant Program
• Holiday Decorating
• Floral Arrangements
• Special Event Plant Rentals
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Different sizes and colors available upon request
Plant Selection Guide
  1. Schefflera Arboricola
    Schefflera Arboricola
  2. Sansevieria - Snake Plant
    Sansevieria - Snake Plant
  3. Totem Pothos
    Totem Pothos
  4. Ponytail Palm
    Ponytail Palm
  5. Rhapis Palm
    Rhapis Palm
  6. Bamboo Palm
    Bamboo Palm
  7. Kentia Palm
    Kentia Palm
  8. Janet Craig Compacta
    Janet Craig Compacta
  9. Ficus Alii
    Ficus Alii
  10. Emerald Beauty
    Emerald Beauty
  11. Dracaena Lisa
    Dracaena Lisa
  12. Dracaena Janet Craig
    Dracaena Janet Craig
  13. White Bird of Paradise
    White Bird of Paradise
  14. Croton
  15. Corn Plant
    Corn Plant
  16. Aspidistra
  17. Areca Palm
    Areca Palm
  18. Silver Bay
    Silver Bay
  19. Bromeliad Guzmania
    Bromeliad Guzmania
  20. Phalaenopsis Orchid
    Phalaenopsis Orchid
  21. Bromeliad - NEO
    Bromeliad - NEO